Tiffany will tailor a cohesive mental training program to your individual goals and ambitions. You may learn to block out distractions and to channel nervous energy into successful performance. Overcome a mental block, return from injury, and become confident in what you do. Gain the edge by adding easy-to-use tools to your mental toolbox. Results are often felt immediately, and build over the course of a few sessions together. Work one-on-one with Tiffany in person, online, or by phone.


& Performers 

Tiffany's dynamic on-site workshops teach mental skills that enhance performance both on and off the field. Teams learn to work together effectively and efficiently through real world examples, high-energy games, short video clips, and interactive discussions. 

 Players learn simple techniques to enhance their performance in their very next game.

    Customized sessions may range from 30-minute intensives to full-day retreats. All team members receive handouts with clear directions and reminders. 

Teams & Groups

Athletes and coaches, performers and leaders think differently from each other. Through customized workshops, learn to align your coaching and management style with each performer's learning style, to get the most out of every player.


“Tiff, you should get a gold medal for this season. You came in and did exactly what the team needed. Now they are right where they need to be going into the playoffs.”

— High school baseball coach


& Coaches


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