My competition was fabulous. My best skate ever—thanks to you. Before every jump, I said my mental mantra to myself, ‘I can do this jump, I’ve got this jump.’ And it worked! I landed every one!
— Competitive figure skater
Our players have really responded to your mental training. The boys have been asking, ‘When is Tiffany coming back?’ They really enjoy your sessions, and are learning a lot from them. In the last game, our goalie played out of his gourd, better than ever. And he attributed it to using visualization.
— Head coach, Westenhook United Soccer
I was amazed. You really engaged the boys, and at their age, that’s hard to do. I learned a lot and know they did, too. Thank you.
— Assistant coach, Saratoga Blue Streaks Hockey
The players feel empowered to go out there and change their destiny because you’ve given them the tools. Tiffany, you have exceeded my expectations.
— Director, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy
These are really life skills, and to see my son learning how to wipe away the pressure, to handle the pressure better, just thrills me.
— Father of BMX rider
Tiffany, you have exceeded my expectations. When I began working with you, I didn’t think I’d ever play softball again because of all the negative thoughts and fears I had. Now, I realize I have every reason to get back out there and succeed. I know I can do it.
— Adult softball player
We finished 8-0 for the first time since 1984 and first time for Coach Mills’ tenure. We beat a talented Trinity team and an excellent Williams team in Williamstown. Needless to say, we seemed mentally tougher and never gave up on any game, even when we were behind early. Your mental training was a big part of this season’s success. It was clear that your presentation on positive thinking and visualization hit the mark. We look forward to having you work with our team again.
— Assistant Coach, Amherst College Football


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